Latitude 38 Housing Services has recently changed to Urbanests. We feel we needed to get into the minds of our market to reflect our mission and focus as a company to continue being a leading provider for affordable housing options in San Francisco.

With the high demand for student, tech, and corporate housing in San Francisco we understand finding affordable housing options in urban areas can be such a drag.  At Urbanests, we want to take the stress out of your housing search experience and provide you with a simple and convenient service to put an end to your quest for your nest in the city.

Our diverse and international team is proud to be a leading provider of housing in the San Francisco Bay Area. We work with universities, corporations, and boot camps, with the goal of finding students, interns, techies, young professionals, and others the best-fit accommodation for them in this great city. We have properties available in the most exciting locations in the great city of San Francisco. Our offerings include fully furnished communal and private living spaces in a variety of great locations suited to meet all types of needs for our clients. All of our buildings are managed by our experienced team.

Our focus is to make your housing experience as simple and affordable as possible, furthermore creating communities one friend at a time.