Quick & Easy Thanksgiving Treats!

It's the end of November already, can you believe it? That also means Thanksgiving is coming up very soon! As the weather gets colder, we know how it is tempting to stay at your cozy San Francisco rooms and snuggle up in some thick blankets. Thankfully, that is what this Thursday is all about! Break... Continue Reading →


Those of you that read our blog have probably noticed by now that all of us at Latitude 38 are food lovers. Our latest discovery is Crêperie Saint-Germain  - originating from French street food roots, this place offers fresh, healthy crêpes made to order at each of its locations. Savory or sweet, the crepes are not... Continue Reading →

Who’s Hungry?

Hi, I’m Ping, I’ve been with Latitude 38 Group for a little over 2 years and my blog post is well overdue. But for good reason! Since I didn’t move here as a student looking for housing, I had to think of a topic that would benefit our readers. I came up with FOOD. Who... Continue Reading →

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